Planning a wedding is an expensive affair!

From booking the venue to decorations, finding the right wedding dress to catering, a wedding can easily exceed your budget. There is a greater need nowadays to look for more creative ways to cut down on your wedding expenditure!

To create your perfect day, it is essential to focus on the details and how they match with the vibes of your festivity, so take think about your wedding invitations. Try to add a simple touch in order to customise your wedding invites and this will surely wow your guests and get them set for the celebration. The best wedding invites stand out and are often simple and have little elements that make the difference.

Take a look at some inexpensive and economical ideas for making a plain invitation into something a little extra.

Put a Ribbon on it!

Add ribbons to your wedding invite as this is a beautiful way to make any invite elegant and you can tie other cards together which may include other details such as travel information or RSVP cards. Use satin ribbon and even add a little tag for that extra special touch.

Make creative edges

Another way is to use different edges on your wedding invites that will make it look all fancy and elegant. For this, you can use a cutter or even a customized punch in different designs for that extra personal touch. These punches are readily available in a variety of designs and sizes and you can use them in whichever way you want.

Tie with Twine and Tags

If you are planning a rustic wedding, then add some twine and a ‘With Love’ tag. It will give your invite a perfect customised touch. Like a ribbon, it will serve the purpose of keeping everything together inside the envelope.

Calligraphy will do wonders

Looking for something different? Why don’t you try writing? Use calligraphy for your cards & envelopes, and this could be a great thing as you can do wonders by writing beautifully on your wedding invites. Register for calligraphy classes or use the DIY tutorials online so you can learn calligraphy for a few months before you initiate on your wedding invites.

Embellish it!

If you have a printed design on your card, why not add a few small diamantes on your card. There is a huge range of embellishments that you can use such as diamante rhinestones, diamante hearts, borders & strips or round pearls on sheets.

Seal with Wax

Nothing is more authentic than a wax seal on the envelope of the wedding invitation. You can either pick them up online or from craft stores. Before you think of doing 100 at once, practice it for a few minutes as too much wax can make everything look a mess. Take your time to get it right.

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