Washi Tape is an amazing creation!



There are so many designs for washi tapes and are so popular to use as they can be used with several projects or crafts you're working on. Washi tapes can be used on birthday presents or home décor, labelling and so much more. There are many projects and stuff in daily life where you can use washi tapes to decorate and make anything interesting.





Now, whether you are planning to use it in your arts & crafts or to decorate objects, washi tapes can be used in numerous ways.



You can use Ashprint London’s washi tapes which are located in the stationery section on the website to build some amazing crafts and even decorate the home for a small gathering or gift ideas.



Gift Wrap Accent



Tie up your gift with beautiful ribbons. As an alternative, bind your gift box using the washi tape. They are also great to attach Christmas name tags too.



Fun Place Card



A stunningly handwritten place card on heavy cotton card stock is something admired by all, but some jovial gatherings call for a more laid-back feel. Relinquish the paper alternative and add a small piece of black glitter adhesive washi tape with the guest’s name. This is a specific fun place card idea for a child’s birthday party. Also why not add stickers for fun too!



Cup Marker



It’s a pain to find someone has drunk out of your glass or that your glass has been disposed of at summer garden barbecues.



Bring out at your BBQ a couple of reels of different coloured washi tapes and allocate your guests to adorn their own straw or base of the glass. They’re sure to remember their cup with the cute gold foil polka dot adhesive washi tape when throughout the day.



Organise in chic style



There’s nothing better than a good label.



Perk up your craft tags that can be attached to jars, bottles, baskets or boxes with a bit of rainbow glitter adhesive washi tape or rose gold washi tape. Simply wrap the tag with the tape or a coloured washi tape and write on it to label the item. It’s the little things that make anything look better.



Mark Electronics and More



Almost every family member owns a smartphone these days. There’s nothing that drives anyone crazy than a fellow family member stealing the other person’s phone charger. Don’t get frustrated; just use a short strip of washi tape and wrap around the wire so that you can mark your charger easily.



Assign every member in the family a specific type of washi tape and mark your chargers, favourite pens and anything else you think needs marking.



Now grab a stack of washi tapes and start labelling, marking and wrapping to a more organised, colourful, fun way.



Ashprint London, presents you with numerous options that you can use to decorate your workplace, home, kid’s area, living space, anything and everything.