A bridal shower is one of the best parts of wedding planning for your best friend, sibling or family member.



From sentimental trinkets to edible treats, there are numerous bridal shower favours that can be gifted to close friends and family attending. These thoughtful favours will make them a happy guest!



A bridal shower is typically a gift giving event for the bride to be in anticipation of her upcoming wedding. It’s a chance for your close friends and family members to meet, celebrate and enjoy at a gathering and give gifts to her or for the home. Giving a bridal shower favour isn’t necessary but it is nice for the bridal shower host to give something like a return gift to guests to thank them for attending.





The favours can include adorable boxes with mint hearts to small hamper boxes or anything in between.



Take a look for some inspiration!



Adorable Wine bottle stoppers



If your bride is having a vineyard wedding or loves wine, then get the guests ready with some of the stunning petal-topped wine stoppers. You can even hand the guests wine in pretty wine boxes and add a special message for each guest to thank them for coming.



Pretty Potted Plants



Pretty plants such as mini orchids or other plants such as cacti or succulents that can be kept in a wooden box or pot will give the plants a cute look. Why not use these plants as part of the décor theme and use them as décor on tables at the bridal shower. The host can then happily gift them to the guests as they leave the party. Guests will love these colourful and pretty plants and plants such succulents are easy to care for, which makes the guests free from any worry.



Handmade chocolates





You can’t go wrong if you give pretty chocolates as a bridal shower favour gift. With so many chocolatiers making personalised chocolate gifts, give something like this for the guests to enjoy. If instead you want to prepare something yourself, why not prepare bags or small boxes of chocolates, chocolate hearts, mini heart chocolate dragees, or even pretty pearlised sugared almonds which will certainly satisfy the sweet tooth of your guests as well as a fitting bridal shower gift.






If you’re looking for inexpensive bridal shower favours, something like cupcakes certainly fits the bill. If you’re a keen baker, then making pretty cupcakes yourself for the bride to be and the guests will be a good option. At the bridal shower, present the cupcakes on a tiered stand or give in coloured favour presentation boxes. Sending them home with the cakes in boxes is a great gesture. Think about the flavour, colour and icing as there are numerous flavour and design options to choose. Possibly ask the bride to be what flavour she likes if you can’t choose. Whatever you decide, cupcakes are a sweet but also light option to eat and enjoy afterwards. Hopefully they won't feel guilty for finishing the whole cupcake!



Flower Crowns



If you are throwing a garden party bridal shower, guests will have no issue creating this floral accessory using artificial flowers. Maybe making flower crowns as a lovely little bridal shower activity as your guests sit outside, drinking prosecco or cocktails and enjoying the time tighter. These are pretty and look beautiful; the guests such as the bridesmaids can use them at the upcoming wedding and even afterwards at parties or beach events.



The bride to be will appreciate anything you do for her at her bridal shower. With a little planning, some great ideas and adding your personal touch, the bridal shower will go swimmingly. For other ideas and tips as well as products for bridal showers, view our range at Ashprint London, www.apll.co.uk.