Gifts are always special not only for the person who receives it but also for the person who invests his/her time to find that gift. And one thing that can make your gift look even more attractive is wrapping it thoughtfully and creatively. But, using the wrapping paper, bows for decorating gift stays a mystery to most people in the world. Well, not everyone born with perfect gift-wrapping gene.





So, don’t worry, we’ll help you with wrapping your gift perfectly. We will give you step-by-step instructions on how to use bows for decorating gifts. Here, we have mentioned three unique ways to tie bows for your gifts. Also, you’ll get to know the type of bows that you can use for wrapping gifts.



  • The Simple Bow



It is one of the easiest methods to tie a bow on a gift. To create a simple bow, use a thick and easy ribbon. Grab one end of the fabric and bend it over the other end. When you handle the ribbon from both hands, an “O” shape will be formed on it. Now, hold the attached portion of the fabric and press it from the middle end. Attach the ribbon in this shape on the gift. The simple bow is perfect to use when you’re crunched for time or if you don’t want to make an individual bow for every single present.



  • A Layered Bow



A layered bow can look very enticing on a gift. You can easily create layered satin ribbon bows for your gifts. Take several pieces of ribbon with each piece two inches longer than the previous one. Create two loops from each ribbon with the help of double stick tape. Now, attach the smaller ribbon loops on the larger ribbon one-by-one. You can place this bow in the centre or corner of the gift.



  • A Rosette Bow



Creating a rosette bow is very easy. Take a long piece of satin ribbon and wrap it around your hand 8-10 times. Now, notch the ribbon at the centre point of each side by holding it between your thumb and fingers. If the ribbon is too thick to cut all the layers at once, then cut half layers at a time. After cutting the edges, hold the ribbon from the cutting edges and wrap a wire at the notch ends. Twist the wire tightly and trim the ends. The ribbon will look like a flower after twisting the wire and cutting the ends. You can easily place it at the centre or side edge of the gift.



These three bows for decorating gifts can be a great gift wrap. However, if you want to avoid the hassle of creating ribbon bow, then you can purchase handmade ribbon bows from Ashprint London. They have a unique variety of satin ribbon bows in different variants. You can buy these satin ribbon bows at a compelling price.