With the arrival of New Year, there are new wedding trends that couples can look up to.

The modern wedding has become less about the chapel tradition and more about selecting your own adventure. Taking inspiration from the most recent wedding reports, floral trends dresses to fashion and interior trends; there are many exciting wedding trends of the year.

Weddings are personal, and everyone wants something slightly different - be it the dress, styling, catering, favour gift bags or flowers. While the wedding trends change and so does the tastes. Take a look at the latest trends that will set the mood for 2020.

Green Vibes

Sustainable weddings are a trend these days and are on the rise. Consider up-cycling your wedding by making a commitment to zero waste. The 2020 wedding trend comprises resetting an heirloom engagement ring, repurposing ceremony florals, sourcing the locally grown food, or choosing vendors who consider sustainability a priority.

The Dress

Wedding dresses with pockets are the hottest bridal trends for 2020. Considering it practical, it’s easy to see that they are great for storing your mobile phone or a tissue. As per the research report, an online search for gowns with pockets saw an augment of 83% in the first half of the year.

Flowers are for everything

2020 weddings will see the use of flowers outside of bouquets. They’ll incorporate the edible blooms into foods and drinks; they will even use florals for texture and shapes in a monochromatic way. Couples will colour-block their flowers to make stunning decor and much more.

Table Remix

As for the wedding tables, this one can be termed as budget-friendly. Instead of having only ten-top rounds or using a long farmhouse table, go for more artistic settings. Wind tables to create a design that adds an extra element to reception set-ups. If you feel there’s not enough room to snake your seating, then arrange your long rectangular tables into a fun design. Isn’t this good?

Beautiful Lighting

Great lighting will make your wedding venue gleam in the moonlight and sputter at sunset. Therefore, mood lighting is one of the fantastic wedding trends of the year. When the sun sets, the lights shine and give an adorable view - be it an inside or outside wedding reception; illuminations can set the mood and tone for your evening.

Apart from these, there are numerous trends that can make your wedding incredible and unforgettable. Be it using laces for your bridesmaid or including floral setup for table decor – every trend has its own charm. Choose Ashprint London to get the latest stuff to match the current trend for your wedding decor online at an affordable rate.

Whatever trend you choose for the day, make sure you do it your way!