Do you have the task of creating a dreamy 1st birthday party for your little cherub or have you been put in charge by your sister or friend? If you are in the planning stage and you’re feeling the pressure of the task ahead, here are a few 1st birthday table decor ideas for you to think about.



The crucial thing is that it doesn’t matter what you do, just aim to put a smile on your child’s face; that is all that matters! There are so many decor ideas around but why not put your stamp on it and make it truly your creation without breaking the bank.





Many parents have the first birthday party at home as it is the ideal location for your child to be. Let’s face it; it is less overwhelming for you and your child if they are celebrating at home. It is easy to transform a room at home once your child is sleeping or napping upstairs rather than rushing over to the venue to decorate within a short space of time!



• Food



The main thing here is to keep it simple and choose a time for example in the early afternoon where you can have light bites and finger foods such as small cupcakes, finger sandwiches, mini burgers or mini wraps, breadsticks and dips. The food can then be arranged on either side of the table.



• Decor



See how creative you can be! The decor can be done in stages and well in advance. Make your own signage using bright glitter card. Use A4 glitter card and cut the letters of the child’s name, punch holes and use natural hessian string to help hang it up. Another idea is to use ribbon to create your own tassel garlands and hang up on the wall or wrap it around the table top. Balloons are popular than ever and children really love them so place a few next to the table or be dramatic and have a balloon arch over the table.



Favour ideas



Give a small party favour for your adult or older children guest by giving some sweet treats.



• Teddy Boxes



Who doesn’t love the cute and elegant teddy bears? Give small confectionery or gifts in teddy bear boxes. Add some coloured coordinated ribbon to tie up the boxes and have them dotted around the table to brighten the decorated table.





Another suggestion would be to purchase sweets or chocolates of multiple flavours and pack it in a new star square box. You can choose the lid blue box if you have a boy or lid pink box if you have a girl.
For your much younger guests, place a small toy inside so they don’t feel left out.



We hope we’ve given some ideas and inspiration for the 1st birthday party table decor. Happy planning!